The aim of the Somali foundation in the city of Breda in the Netherlands is  to help assist Somali community to integrate  and participate in  to the Dutch society without losing it own identity, culture, norms and value. But to strengthen both society the native Dutch and Somali minority in their participation process.

The Somali foundation of Breda will play vital  role as a facilitator to supervise and guide  the Somali community to be integral part in the  integration process of the Dutch society in the Netherlands. We aim as foundation the following objectives to be achieved:-

  • Facilitator in the integration process
  • Organising activities for both society the Dutch and the Somali alike
  • Sport events
  • Educational events
  • Cultural events
  • Cooperation, sharing experience and information with other foundation for capacity building
  • Organising festival activities local, national and international if deemed necessary or possible
  • Retired teachers with pension who are familiar with Dutch education system  who can assist us with school exercises in math, science and other subjects is highly apprecited


If you are retired pensioner who can be of any assistance to us,  with a  proof of good conduct[bewijs van goede gedraag] from the council or the gemeente as we are required by law anyone working with minors to have one.   Please apply here